Biogas To Electricity


In the contemporary, when the consumption of non-renewable resources is at its zenith and on the verge of getting extinct in the coming years, finding alternate ways of generating energy and electricity is something should be focused on. Walkton, beyond any doubt, forages to come up with ideas that help in conserving such resources without posing any harm to the environment. There are many different ways of generating electricity. With the advancement of technology, long ago humans learned to deploy waste for good. And making use of biogas for generating electricity is undoubtedly one of the best ways of transforming waste into energy.

What is biogas and how it is converted into electricity?

Prior to discussing the power generation process at Walkton, let us discuss what actually biogas is and how it is converted into electricity. Biogas is a combination of methane (present around 65-70%), varying quantities of water, carbon dioxide (around 25-30%), hydrogen sulfide, and sometimes other traces of gases such as ammonia, etc. Actually, the composition of biogas differs and depends on the kind of organic matter and the type of digester used. Once the biogas is generated through different means, it is used for combustion. The combustion of biogas heats the water in a boiler. This is further used to move turbines which generate electricity. The electricity so produced is converted into a usable form that can provide electrical power either to a home or a community.

Conversion of Biogas into Electricity at Walkton

At Walkton, it is our prime objective to focus on the Biogas captive power generation projects in a decentralized manner. To produce biogas, we make use of both industrial and municipal waste or wastewater, where the gas potential is usually high. The biogas so produced is then used to generate electricity running the diesel generator sets on dual fuel mode by the operator. The produced electricity can be transferred to the grid for the utilization of electricity. If the electricity is produced in excess, then it can be used for industrial purposes. This is how at Walkton, biogas is produced and hence converted into electricity.

The company strongly believes in sustainable development and hence makes use of alternative sources of energy. Converting biogas into electricity is one of the important steps that Walkton has taken for a better environment.