Biogas Utilization


Biogas is usually generated from several anaerobic processes of digestion and is an environment-friendly as well as clean renewable fuel. But, even though using it the way it is, poses no harm, it is better or rather important to upgrade or clean the biogas in order to elevate its heating value.

Biogas can be used for n-number of equipment, for example:
-Fuel Cells
-Combined Power and Heat
-Absorption Chiller
-Gas Fired Chiller
-Air or Space Heaters
-Hot Water Systems
-Boiler Systems
-Stirling Heat Engine
-Microturbine Engine
-Gas Turbine Engine
-Process Heaters
-Internal Combustion Engine

Biogas is of multiple uses except for some simplest types of thermal uses like odor flaring, etc. When it comes to heating, there are some types of heating where biogas has to be processed and cleaned before it is used. With the right kind of upgrade and cleaning, it can be used for almost all the applications that were primarily developed for natural gas.

Biogas has 3 basic end uses. They are as follows:
-Vehicle Fuel
-Electricity Generation
Production of Steam and Heat


There is not just one, but several benefits of biogas utilization. Here are a few of those advantages that top the list.
-The best part about biogas is that it is quite environment-friendly
-It is your very own organic fertilizer
-Biogas cuts down your household waste
-It also prevents you from any sort of air pollution in your house
-Biogas helps you cook quickly and easily
As it is very cost effective, biogas saves a lot of money for you

We supply complete biogas, handling, collection, utilization and treatment systems so that renewable energy can be recovered from a variety of wastewaters and solid wastes. We have an enormous amount of experience when it comes to handling, treating, or utilizing biogas, or even converting it into electricity for that matter. And, while doing this we make sure that we are meeting the safety codes and are not going beyond all air emission limits.