Desalination Plant & Process

Desalination Plant & Process

We, at Walkton, combat water shortages by employing desalination processes on wastewater, brackish water, and seawater.

A Significant Resource

97% water on Earth is nothing but sea water and that is why it is of great importance. It is believed that after a few decades seawater will become the only source of water for those who live near the sea coast and the ones who live in that area make a good 60% of the entire world population. Those coastal regions that are arid have higher chances of augmented water resources that are already available through desalination plant. Not only that, it will also reduce the water dependency on other sources or regions and will eliminate the need for importing and exporting something as essential as water to other regions.

Reverse Osmosis, a Proven Technology

It is a pretty proven and popular technology that allows us to desalinate seawater. Almost all of us know that seawater has salt that amounts to be 100 times more than what WHO recommends a human being to consume and that is when reverse osmosis comes to our rescue.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Desalination AKA Reverse Osmosis has a simple procedure where water forcefully enters a membrane which lets the water pass but traps the salt in it. We, at Walkton, constantly work hard to elevate the performances of desalination plant procedures of our clients. We do this not just in terms of energy use but, in terms of its environmental impact as well.

Verified process are also offered by us which includes the pre-treatment of water as well. Scroll down to get all the details:

(1) Reverse Osmosis
(2) Nano Filtration
(3) Ultra Filtration
(4) Micro Filtration

It’s been many years since we are using the membrane process in addition to the Orthodox cleaning processes and it is due to these in-house innovations and years of experience that ace the art of water treatment like no other.