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We Guarantee Good Water That Supports Your Health

We operate and manage facilities that come under contracts with clients like the public, municipal, and industrial authorities. We are constantly busy with finding solutions basis the need and requirements of our clients. We make sure that we operate according to the contract and maintain the quality of the facilities that we manage. We have upgraded infrastructure and facilities that give us best treatment methods to reduce water turbidity, manage microbiological quality, and optimize disinfection. We are restricted not just to this, we also implement risk management programs as well.

Nowadays, without advanced and latest technology there is no possibility to get a secure and safe drinking water supply. In fact, it is becoming a trend that is gaining a lot of momentum. Everybody is trying to make a difference by treating water in order to make it fit for consumption, but certainly, that is not possible for everyone. And, probably that is one reason why you can depend on us, that is, we have years of experience and we completely adhere to the phrase, "action speaks louder than words".

As many companies are in the queue to prove their mettle in this industry, we accept this challenge and make sure that we are second to none. We have already responded to this challenge by giving a highly-qualified and comprehensive range of solutions. We offer a wide variety of biological, physical and chemical processes that make water drinkable for all.

Here is a list of different water sources which we treat in order to get water that is fit for consumption.

  • Treated Wastewater
  • Ground Water
  • Seawater
  • Surface Water

The water that we get from the natural environment requires different sorts of treatments. Here is a list of the treatments required for the same.
  • Chlorination
  • Ozonation
  • Filtration
  • Settling and Flocculation
  • Fine Screening and coarse

We, at Walkton, ensure to meet all the wastewater and drinking sector needs because, for us, your health is our priority. No water that is treated by us is of poor quality and that is the reason why we are leading the industry of wastewater treatment.

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