Environment Impact Assessment

Considering the pace with which the natural resources are being exploited in the contemporary, the day of their extinction doesn’t seem much far. This might not look alarming at this point in time but can cause serious troubles in the near future. While some of these resources might be present in the coming years, most of these can go exterminated for our next generations. Understanding such circumstances, the need for Environment Impact Assessment i.e. EIA comes into play. At Walkton, we truly understand the need for conserving the very precious and useful natural resources and thus working on EIA. With the ever increasing population, the usage of natural resources is also increasing at a very fast rate, hence sustainable development and EIA become a necessity.

What is Environment Impact Assessment?

Before moving on to how Walkton contributes to Environment Impact Assessment, we need to understand what actually this term means and how it is related to sustainable development. First of all, we need to define sustainable development. Well, sustainable development is the economic development that is performed without depleting the natural resources so that they can be used for the next generations as well. Whereas, Environment Impact Assessment is a very important management tool that is used to ensure the most favorable or optimum use of natural resources for sustainable development.

In order to keep a check on the multidisciplinary input necessary for environment appraisal, several Expert Committees have been organized for the sectors which are listed below:
• Industrial Projects
• River Valley, H.E., and Irrigation Projects
• Mining Projects
• Nuclear Power Projects
• Infrastructure Development and other Miscellaneous Projects
• Thermal Power Projects

Environment Impact Assessment at Walkton

We, at Walkton understand the importance of sustainable development as well as Environment Impact Assessment in the recent times. We provide our clients with all sorts of services required for the EIA and cover all the view points and necessary aspects and principles, be it environment appraisal procedure, monitoring, or coastal area management. As EIA has become mandatory for all those 29 categories of development activities that involve investments of INR 50 crores, or more, at Walkton, we help our clients cover all the steps involved in the entire EIA process. Delivering the best of services to our clients is what we believe in at Walkton

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