Municipal Solid Waste Management

Municipal Solid Waste Management

In the recent times, the problem of waste disposal has emerged as one of the biggest environmental concerns in the whole world. Basically, solid waste management is a discipline concerned with the collection, generation, storage, transport and transfer, processing, and disposal of solid waste in a way that takes into consideration the betterment of the environment. At Walkton, we do understand the global problem of municipal waste disposal and providing the best possible methods and techniques to solve this problem is what our aim is.

What is Municipal Solid Waste?

Before we understand how municipal solid waste is collected, first of all, we need to get familiar with what actually municipal solid waste is. Municipal solid waste encompasses domestic as well as commercial wastes generated either in the municipal or other areas either solid or semi-solid form. Municipal waste does not include industrial hazardous wastes but does include the bio-medical wastes that have undergone several treatments.

How is Municipal Solid Waste Collected?

It is strictly prohibited in the urban areas to litter the municipal solid wastes as directed by the governments of different states. In order to put a halt on littering, the following methods should be implied for the collection of the solid waste.
• House-to-house collection of the municipal solid waste.
• Devising collection of solid wastes from the slums, and squatter areas.
• The solid wastes that are biodegradable in nature such as those from the slaughter houses, fruit and vegetable markets, etc, should be used in some way or the other and not mixed with the other solid wastes.
• The wastes should not be burnt so that there will be no air pollution because of it.
• To prevent diseases, the stray animals should be kept away from the waste storage facilities.
• Industrial and bio-medical wastes should never be mixed with the municipal wastes as both have different compositions.

Municipal Solid Waste Management at Walkton

At Walkton, our sheer motive and aim is to provide techniques and solutions to our clients that do not harm the environment. Since municipal waste management is one of the major issues in the contemporary, we provide the best of solutions right from the house-to-house collection services to transfer, and storage of municipal solid wastes.

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