Operations & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

At Walkton, it is our foremost responsibility to deliver our customers with the best of services. Being one of the leading providers of energy and other environment-friendly techniques, we employ different methods to make this happen. Be it the generation of biogas and its conversion into electricity, or providing the clean drinking water in different areas, achieving perfection in our services is what our aim is at Walkton. We look after the needs and requirements of our customers and make sure they are rendered with the services benefits and operational managements. We keep our work transparent to our customers and provide them with the facility to closely monitor the performance data of the plants on a daily basis. In order to maintain and operate the plant on a long term basis, we also undertake comprehensive as well as non-comprehensive operational contract.

Operations Performed at Walkton

There are a number of operations that are performed at Walkton. As mentioned above, we perform the operation of the conversion of biogas into electricity, desalination, and many others. On a whole, we perform the following mentioned operations.
Providing clean drinking water
Conversion of waste into energy
Municipal solid waste management
Transforming biogas to electricity
Wastewater services
Mobile Treatment Plants
Desalination of water
Biogas Utilization
Industrial process water

At Walkton, all these facilities and operations are performed under the guidance of experts that are proficient in their work. We make sure that we deliver our services with perfection and help our customers in every way possible.

Avail the Best Services at Walkton

Be it any service or operation, Walkton is always there to assist you. Through our concerted efforts and technological experience, we guarantee to achieve excellence. As most of our services require a lot of maintenance, we make sure to provide continued services for operation and maintenance of these plants. We keep a check on the plants and with proper monitoring; we try to avoid all sorts of errors and malfunctioning. Every day, we try to enhance our skills in order to deliver the best services to our customers by increasing the efficiency of the plants.

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