Recycle / Reuse

Recycle / Reuse

How do we recycle or reuse waste water?

Recycled or reclaimed water is, basically, the procedure of converting used water into that water which can be reused for different purposes. From agricultural needs to personal requirements, recycled water can be used for all, in some cases, even for drinking purposes.

Mentioned below are the steps that we follow to recycle water that can be used for several purposes without being skeptical about it.

Step-1 : Solids Removal

A pressurized force helps the water to enter the treatment plant. Things such as wood, rags, or wood can be found in the water. These residues are called the ‘influent’ which affect the cleaning procedure of the water. In order to get recycled water that is fit for almost all the purposes, influent needs to be removed first.

Step-2 : Aeration

To clean the waste water thoroughly, aeration process is followed. Once water has no oxygen, it becomes dead and full of bacteria. So, in order to recycle wastewater, aeration is done in which air is dissolved, mixed with or circulated through the water.

Step-3 : Clarification

Once the waste water vacates the oxidation ditches, it reaches the clarifiers. Clarifiers are the 2nd section clarification tanks that help in the settlement of solid residues present in the wastewater. Biosolids that are eliminated from water during this step are used for several purposes like composition and conditioning of the soil.

Step-4 : Filtration

Once the solids are removed from the water, through gravity action, the liquid sewage is filtered. That is done with the help of soil. This procedure helps in removing the most non-settleable solids.

Step-5 : Disinfection

Once the previous procedure is over, we make the waste water flow through the chlorine contact chambers. During this process, liquid chlorine is added to the water to kill the remaining bacteria. Even though most of the chlorine is eliminated with the elimination of bad bacteria called pathogens, some amount of it remains in the water. To eliminate the same we use sulfur dioxide that instantly neutralizes the chlorine level in the water.

Step-6 : Back to Tap

Water is treated again before it is pumped into a water source where it is allowed to sit for a few months in order to make it fit for drinking as well.