Waste To Energy

Waste to Energy

As the world is approaching towards a phase when some of the most important non-renewable resources are on the brim of getting exhausted, devising ways and methods that employ renewable and unconventional sources of energy becomes something very necessary. If the current scenario is taken into consideration, then the pace at which the non-renewable sources of energy are being used, the sooner these will get extinct. This is well understood at Walkton. Making use of innovative technologies and solutions, we, at Walkton, emphasize on creating energy in the form of electricity with the help of waste resources. We have come up with a number of methods that exploit waste resources and convert them into energy. Man has learnt to make use of many things, then why leave the waste products? Definitely not! This is what we felt at Walkton and found ways to transform waste into energy.

What are the Various Technologies Being Offered by Walkton?

At Walkton, we have formulated different methods and techniques that make use of waste materials and convert them into electrical energy. The techniques that are used at Walkton are stated below:

  • Fermentation
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Thermochemical
  • Enzymatic
  • Gasification
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment

With the help of the aforementioned techniques, Walkton aims to produce electrical energy form waste products. By doing so, Walkton contributes in sustainable development which helps in conserving non-renewable resources such as coal, petroleum, etc. In order to prevent their extinction, it become the foremost duty of us to lower their usage. And this is well understood at Walkton.

Not only these technologies help in preserving natural resources, but also bring economic incentives and pay back, which is why their usage has gain a sudden momentum. As per the requirements and objectives of our customers, we, at Walkton, proffer custom made solutions and specific technologies for the best solutions.

Products generated from Various Waste and Wastewater at Walkton

As part of our services and solutions, we have created a number of products at Walkton. From waste and wastewater, these are the products that have been produced at Walkton: Electricity, Gasification, Fuel Alcohols such as Methanol, Ethanol, and other higher alcohols, Heat, Mechanical Biological Treatment, Different types of ash that are used in landscaping, agriculture, and construction.